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Ladies and Gentlemen,

We would like to extend my warm greetings and sincere gratitude to you on behalf of Handicraft and Art Articles Export and Import  Corporation  for your trust, support, and cooperation.

With 50-year experience in manufacturing, exporting and importing handicraft and art articles, consumer goods and real estate business, Artexport is proud to be ranked as “Exporter/Importer of Type I” by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in terms of export/import turnover of highly qualified products and services provided for domestic and international markets.

Our development strategy is customer-centered and attaches importance to partner’s prestige and satisfaction. Creativity and innovation are continuously integrated into production and business activities to meet partner’s requirements better by increasingly qualifed products and services. At Artexport, Cooperation is always highly appreciated for mutual development and increasing  proft for partners and customers. besides, social responsibility is emphasized for sharing and building a prosperous life for the entire community.

With 50-year practical experience and current potential, we believe in the comprehensive and sustainable development of the Company. We always look forward to your positive cooperation so that together we can seize opportunities, create new values, reach higher position and achieve new success for a prosperous and sustainable future.

yours sincerely!

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Over the past 50 years of development the Handicraft and Art Articles Export-Import Corporation (Artexport) has made certain  contribution to the construction and development of the country.



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